Find Talent - on Web and on Mobile

Talent Communities are both web- and mobile-ready.
This means that you can view Talent Communities on your computer as well as on any mobile device to take your job search with you!

Read about the Talent Community

New users can read about the Talent Community by selecting the “Community” tab from the top navigation bar and then selecting “About”.

Joining and Membership

Join a Talent Community

Join a Talent Community and you will be able to access all job opportunities that are exclusive to members.

Register & Sign Into a Talent Community

Before you can sign in, you are required to register by creating an account. You can register two ways: by clicking the “Register” link or the “Sign in with Facebook” button.

If you forget your password then you can click the “forgot your password?” link and a new password will be sent to your email account.

Join a community to access “Exclusive Jobs”

You will also be able to apply for jobs within that Talent Community, communicate with the Talent Community administrators and receive important information from the Talent Community itself.

Search and Advanced Search

Anyone can search for job opportunities within a Talent Community. Simply pick a job or industry type and add a location to start your job search.
You can use the ‘Advanced Search’ functions to filter your search by relevance and/or date posted.

Job Management

Post a job

Signed-in users can post a free job advertisement by selecting “Jobs” in the top navigation bar and then by selecting “Post A Job”.

Useful tips are located on the right-hand side of the “Post a new job” page. If you have your job listed on an external website and you would like to use the application function of that website, then you can do so by adding a URL for the job as listed on the external website. This will enable you to utilise the candidate tracking functions of that website. Alternatively, you can use the job application process built into the Talent Community.

When posting the vacancy, you can determine the length of time you would like the job to be advertised and the period of time that the job will be exclusive to the Talent Community members.

You can preview the job before posting the job for approval.

Jobs that are posted as ‘Exclusive’ are not distributed outside a Talent Community, until that Exclusive period expires, at which time they are distributed across the uWorkin network.

The Talent Community administrators will receive an email when your job is submitted.

My Jobs

Signed-in users can view the status of their jobs at any time by clicking the “Jobs” tab in the top navigation bar and then by clicking “My Posted Jobs”.

Signed-in employers can view the applications received for their jobs at any time by clicking the “Jobs” tab in the top navigation bar and then clicking “My Posted Jobs”. From this screen you can:

  • Download an applicant’s resume
  • View an applicant’s cover letter (if included in their application)
  • Export the list of applicants to a CSV file
  • Shortlist and Archive jobs

You will not receive any notifications if you have added an external URL to your job because the external application process will take over responsibility for this.

You can view approved jobs and jobs pending for approval at any time. You can also ‘post a job’ and ‘expire a job’ from within the “My Jobs” tab.

The Talent Community administrators must approve your job before it goes live.

You will receive a notification email that your job has been approved by Talent Community administrators and is now live. You cannot edit a live job. You can expire the job from within the “My Posted jobs” tab and post a new job.

Applications for your job vacancy

Only signed-in users can apply for Jobs that are displayed on the Talent Community. The applicants are required to provide their contact information, their resume and are able to provide a cover letter if they wish.

Print a Job Beacon

All jobs can be viewed as a printable poster known as a Job Beacon which employers can display on shopfronts, notice boards and so on to display their jobs.

Share a job on Social Media

Jobs can be shared with friends and colleagues by email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. The user will need to sign into their social media account to utilise this service. Jobs can be shared to an individual, a group, a social media page, etc.

Communication Tools

Send a communication to Talent Community Admins

Signed-in users can send a communication to Talent Community owners and administrators by selecting “Community” from the top navigation bar and then selecting “Send Communication”.

Send a communication to Talent Community Members

Send a communication to one or more community members or employers

If you only want to send a communication to an individual community member or members, you can type their name into the text box above the subject text field and the names will auto complete for any matching names of members of the community. You can enter as many names as you wish and then compose your message.